Head Trainer - Vicky


It all started with a young girl and her German Shepherd. At 11 years old my parents bought a black German Shepherd from a local breeder. For the 8 short years she lived, she was my absolute world. Where most teenage girls spent their time shopping and attending social gatherings etc, I was miles into the countryside with my 4-legged partner in crime.


When I left home, I knew, I absolutely could not live without a dog, I rescued a young German Shepherd, and I certainly didn't know what I had let myself in for. From day one, she severely reacted everything in sight, I was totally lost and didn't understand what was going on in her little head. I spent a year seeing the best trainers I could find to help me, but nobody could. I was told to always keep her under her reactivity threshold but that meant keeping her locked away from the world. I knew there had to be a way to help her, this couldn't be the end for her. I researched for a vast amount of time. I worked with more fantastic trainers, I studied canine behaviour and eventually learnt the best methods to solve severe behavioural problems. Each dog I train is entirely different which means each dog needs adaptive styles of training and there are by no means a one method fits all. This is where my vast amount of knowledge with our canine partners brain allows me to bring you a bespoke service for YOUR dog’s needs.

Regarding my personal training, I am very passionate about personal development and training my own dogs to an outstanding level. I am continuously expanding my knowledge through online courses and spending time with some of the most recognised trainers in the world. My personal dogs train in protection sports and are, what I consider, professional stooge dogs. 

I am currently a recommended trainer by 'proHOUND' and the 'Guild of Dog Trainers'