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Here at Azura Canine, we do things a little differently than the training you may have previously experienced. We believe the key to success stems from having a methodical system in place in which both dog and owners understand. Whilst every canine requires a varied approach, its's important not to forget, they are the same species and learn in the same ways, as does every single living creature on this planet, even us! 

Here is where our specialised systematic approach can take your training to the next level. Our system involves setting a strong foundational base which enables us to build a communication link with your dog. We use various methods of reinforcement, both positive and negative to ensure the dog understands exactly what we are asking of them, in turn generating a positive mindset from the dog, which is incredibly important, especially when working with severe emotion led behavioural issues.

When working with dogs, our upmost priority is your dogs welfare. A healthy mindset is key to success and learning how to communicate with your dog using our system will help you keep that positive mindset even in the most stressful environments.  


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