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Meet Our Dogs

Lazy Pet and Experienced Stooge Dog

We rehomed Jack in 2019 as an out of control 13 month old German Shepherd. He had some nerve and frustration based reactivity and was extremely strong on the lead. Within a few months Jack was the perfect example of a pet dog and he continues to help rehabilitate dogs daily.

Protection dog and Experienced Stooge Dog

Ava joined the team early 2020 at 8 weeks old as my protection dog prospect. Ava is highly trained in obedience which makes her a fantastic stooge dog in all situations.

Personal Protection dog  and Stooge Dog

Freyja was born August 2021 and our hope is to bring her up as another protection dog and also work as a stooge along side the other dogs. She is exceeding expectations and is just about to start her competing career.

Protection dog prospect

Gambit was born March 2022 and our hope is to bring him up as another protection dog and also work as a stooge along side the other dogs. He is bred from some superb  German working bloodlines is exceeding every expectation I had for him.

Rescued & Rehomed


We rehomed Kai as a very unruly reactive young dog, spent nearly a year training him and placed him in a novice IGP home where he is thriving


We received an urgent request to rescue Kilo from a very unsuitable home who couldn't deal with her behaviour. We rehabilitated her and have now rehomed her to an active pet home where she is very happy and content.

Uno (Belgian Shepherd)

Uno was surrendered to us at only 6 months old due to severe reactivity to everything. We have spent a lot of time teaching Uno boundaries, structure and most importantly healthy drive outlets. Uno had a trial with the police but they were unable to carry on with his behavioural requirements which is only minor management. Uno however smashed every other test proving him to be a perfect protection type dog. Uno is now part of the private security sector.

Zeus (Belgian Shepherd)

Zeus has was surrendered to us as his owners were no longer able to keep him mainly due to his severe aggression towards people. We spent some time helping Zeus be comfortable in the presence of humans and he now spends his days with his new family in the heart of Scotland.


We rescued Rommel from a farm, he was abused and untrusting, he was placed in a non profit breed specific rescue to give him the best opportunity for rehabilitation. 


We were contacted by the vets asking if we could take on this gorgeous girl as her owners were euthanizing her that morning due to aggression. We immediately took her on to avoid euthanasia and she was placed in a very suitable home where she lost over 10kg and is now fully rehabilitated and thriving.

Lexi (German Shepherd)

We agreed to take on Lexi urgently to avoid euthanasia. She is only 14 months old and she is an absolute darling. She is a very loving, bouncy young girl. Unfortunately she was failed by 3 Force Free Behaviourists but thankfully due to our balanced training system her life is saved. In the past she has shown aggression to strangers, she completely lacked boundaries and structure which allowed her stress to become out of control. Since being with us we have put in a great training system and she has come on leaps and bounds. Lexi will enjoy her new life in the Shetland Islands.

Widow (German Shepherd)

Widow was surrendered to us as she was too much for the lady who took her on. She has some nerve and frustration reactivity and generally lacked structure. We have now returned Widow to the amazing lady who took her on with a full behavioural plan to integrate her properly as with more digging it became apparent the lady felt she had no choice to part with Widow following poor advice from other trainers.


Dutch was taken to Evolution Vets at 3pm on 15th November 2021in which her owner demanded euthanasia and would shoot her if they didn't comply. Thankfully, the practice contacted us asking if we could take her on immediately as they didn't feel comfortable euthanising her due to no apparent behavioural issues. She has now after assessment been adopted by a family in the Lake district and is enjoying her new life running on the beach and mountains.

Nala (German Shepherd)

Nala was surrendered to us at only 6 months old due to severe reactivity to people. She has a multiple people bite history. She is an amazing dog with an impressive pedigree to match but she was placed in a very inappropriate home. Nala has landed on her feet with a fantastic active pet home where she continues her training and is triving.


Where it all Began - Elka

Rest in peace gorgeous girl

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