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 Residential Training

Our residential training program's are designed to enhance your current training, to lay sustainable foundations and to give you and your dog the best opportunity for a lifetime of success.


About your dogs stay:

During your dog's residential, they are treat as part of our family. They are not left in a kennel all day and brought out for a few training sessions, your dog will live, in our home along side our dogs, just as they would with you. 

While your dog lives with us, they will be given plenty of freedom and structure. Although its certainly not a free for all, your dog is allowed to freely move around our home while we are present. We usually crate or let your dog stay freely in the kitchen when we are out depending on their needs. Your dog is allowed to relax on the sofa if this is something they do at home and will have their beds in our living room to allow them a place to safely decompress away from our other dogs. We also have an extensive secure garden area your dog can roam around multiple times a day.

About your dog's training:

Your dog will receive 2 - 3 training sessions per day, along side of this your dog will be able to join in on group walks with our resident dogs. When your dog is not walking or training, they will be at home or out and about working around my other 1 - 1's. 

Your dogs training will initially include building a relationship with me, using play, food and physical reward's. Building a good relationship with your dog is paramount to allow them to feel comfortable to express their emotions. Once your dog has a good relationship with me, we begin working on the foundations and introducing different training tools which will be discussed prior to your dog staying with us. 

The second week plus will allow me to build on all the foundations, taking the training sessions to different environments building on your dogs thresholds. 

How many weeks does your dog require?

We specify a minimum of 2 weeks for every dog, this gives us enough time to build a relationship, introduce tools and enhance your training, 2 weeks is good if an enhancement of your training is your only requirement, we can cover lead walking, e collar training and basic obedience in 2 weeks.

If your dog has more moderate to severe behavioural issues, they will require 3 weeks plus. Behavioural residential's receive the same training as the 2 week residentials do but require the extra week(s) to address the undesirable behaviours through different methods of counter conditioning. Exact training is full disclosed upon request but every dog requires a varied training program which cannot be fully planned until we are actively working with your dog.

Residential Costs

2 weeks £1,800

3 weeks £2,600

6 weeks £4,250

4 weeks £3,200

7 weeks £4,650

5 weeks £3,750

8 weeks £4,950

Please note with our residential programs, they are not a quick fix, they are designed to enhance your dogs training, provide your dog with sustainable foundations which must be carried on by the owner to achieve desired results. Please contact us to discuss any residential program.

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