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Vicky is absolutely amazing to work with. We’ve had our Bella for nearly 4 years now, and although we love her dearly, she had been a nightmare to walk due to reactivity as she is a massive ball of anxious. We had seen various trainers, to help rectify her behaviour, but they actually made her 20 x worse! After struggling for 4 years, we had a 1 hour session and within 10 minutes we had our girl loose lead walking for the FIRST time in 4 years. Bella was starting to display the behaviour we wanted seeing other dogs on walks, and because Vicky has some very (gorgeous!) well behaved dogs of her own, she even had them testing bella with an odd bark, getting close to her to test her and just generally practicing around a REAL dog! We are now enjoying our walks together, although she still has a bit to go, I’m no longer feeling anxious myself taking her out!
Vicky has also been to visit us at our home, as we have been having some problems in the garden, she worked with us, and my neighbour to help us achieve harmony and allow us both to be in the garden at the same time. Again, like magic we had dogs that seemed like they hated each other, ignoring each other and even being able to sit calmly near each other!
I will never recommend anyone else than Vicky for any training needs. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from us both again at some point, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. I’m achieving stuff I never thought was possible with my girl.

Abbie & Bella

Highly recommend! I have struggled for over a year with my German Shepard being extremely reactive to other dogs and people which made me become overly anxious when walking him. I had a training session with Vicky and my dog was walking 100x better almost straight away! I can’t thank Vicky enough for helping me and would highly recommend her to anyone that’s struggling with their dog or considering some training but not sure who to go to!

Beth & Bear

Would highly recommend!!!
I struggled for a while with my German Shepherd as he was pulling me, very reactive to other dogs and people. It got to the point where I would only take him to private fields as I was so nervous and anxious about walking him near others.
Vicky worked her magic and what a difference it has made, I cannot thank her enough!!! We now walk miles together with people and other dogs round us!! Thankyou so much!!!

Kathryn & Chase

Can't recommend enough! I got hardy from a rescue centre and we realised he was an anxious dog within the first week of getting him. We have had several trainers and dog behaviourist over the years but just no improvements made at all HOWEVER then booked an appointment with Azura Canine and we made major improvements in a matter of an hour! We still have a long road ahead to conquer his fears and me too! After years of having a reactive dog to people and dog this has also left me with a lot of anxiety for hardy! Fantastic with dogs and helping anxious owners, she is always there at the end of the phone for any additional questions you might need answering. Thank you so much for you help x

Shauney & Hardy

Vicky is an amazing dog trainer, who really knows what she is doing when it comes to training dogs. Her professionalism and knowledge is outstanding. Vicky has helped me immensely with my own dog, who was reactive with both dogs and people. With Vickys training, my dog is now very neutral to both people and dogs and I can take him anywhere with me! Vicky follows through with any training she gives, as she continues to give me guidance with my dog when needed.
Vickys own training with her dogs is incredible and a true credit to her work. She is a true inspiration to myself.

Georgina & Gunner

Fantastic trainer absolutely knows her stuff Vicky has been so amazing for us with our reactive dog, correcting some mistakes from a previous trainer, we thought we'd always have to be on full alert for other dogs all the time never getting to take him to busy places with us, whilst we are still a work in progress we've made such strides forward we actually feel confident and relaxed walking our pup and being able to handle situations.
100% recommend to anyone looking for a trainer from reactive to just basic puppy schooling biggest regret is not starting with Vicky from the beginning.

Samantha, Mike & Max

Wow… had my first meeting/training this morning with Vicky and it was superb. Myself and my gsd Bowie have had training in the past but we just didn’t seem to carry it through due to many things… but now my circumstances have changed I can invest good quality time with my gsd so I needed a trusted honest speaking knowledgeable trainer, so I contacted Azura Canine… best thing ever. I have learnt so much this morning and my gsd (who could easily snarl and lunge for every dog he passed) we actually walked calmly past other dogs plus even had Ava, Vicky’s dog running around us with no reaction from Bowie, in fact I was calm, he was calm it was an absolute pleasure to walk him. It’s only the first part of our long journey but this feels right and with the support and meet ups with Vicky I know we will achieve our goal…. Happy owner happy dog x

Jane & Bowie

I had an overreactive Border Collie and Vicky helped us out tremendously, not only does she tell you how to fix the problem but she explains everything from why the dogs is doing it, how to fix it and why the method is so useful in working to helping you and the dog and she does it in such an easy manner that anyone can understand it and she answered every question I had amazingly and even went well over the time I paid. Worth every penny. Honestly walking is so much less stressful now. Once I get another dog I'm 100% going back to get her to help me train it from the start! Thank you


I asked Vicky for help with my German Shepherd because she was barking and lunging at other dogs when out on walks. It was getting to the point where I didn't want to take her out anymore. Within an hour, with clear communication from Vicky, Tala was no longer scared of other dogs and was walking lovely for me. I've taken her out every day since then and she is no longer reactive, even if a strange dog barks at her. We now enjoy our walks together, I can't praise this trainer enough

Karen & Tala

Vicky has supported me with a dog reactive GSD x Malinois. Not only have she upskilled me to take this to the real world, she has offered ongoing support via text. If you want a balanced and confident dog and also understand the reason why techniques are used and how to use them outside of training sessions, Vicky is the trainer for you! Thanks for all your help so far, its been invaluable.

Jim & Maynard

Cannot recommend Vicky highly enough, a totally life changing and positive experience for both me and my dog. Three weeks ago I was struggling with my reactive, over socialised dog and we'd become limited to off lead time in secure fields as he is dog obsessed with a high prey drive and would run to any dog or distraction he saw. After a short residential with Azura Canine, we're on our way to living a completely normal life and he's off lead in some of the most challenging places I'd never imagined we'd be able to go to. If you're struggling with any element of dog behaviour I'd highly recommend to speak to Vicky, a life changer with even the most challenging dogs.

Sarah & Baxter

Vicky’s knowledge and professional approach achieved something we didn’t think was possible with our dog. He has always pulled on the lead and reacted to other dogs. This sometimes proves to be embarrassing and difficult to control not to mention scary for some other dog owners approaching us.
Bearing in mind our dog is now 4 years of age we didn’t think he would take to new methods of training but Vicky taught us how to control our dog in these situations.
We didn’t feel our time with her was rushed and we felt very relaxed about the whole training session. We’ve continued to use Vicky’s instructions and can honestly say that walking our dog is now a pleasurable experience and not an endurance.
I would recommend Azura Canine to anyone dealing with dog issues or just wanting general training. Vicky is very talented in the handling of all breeds of dogs.

Carolyn & Murphy

Me and my wife had some difficulty with reliability from previous trainers and so we contacted Vicky to work with us and our 1 year old GSD.

Vicky was brilliant and went above and beyond, including even being in touch on Christmas day when we had an issue. We would like to thank Vicky for her dedication to our dog and how she always has the best in mind for the dog. She definitely helps to train the dogs as well as their owners!

Vicky was very helpful and supportive when our young dog became unwell and sadly passed away.

We will be using Vicky again when we get another dog and definitely recommend her.

David, Kerry & Rena

Vicky is a fantastic, balanced dog trainer. After a couple of poor trainers advice we booked an initial session and she had my reactive GSD working calmly around her wonderful stooge dogs! We then booked on the Reactivity Course and haven't looked back.. it takes dedication and hard work but thanks to Vicky and Azura Canine I now have the tools and knowledge to cope and have a confident, calm young GSD 😍

Becka & Casey

***THE BEST***

When I say that Vicky at Azura K9 has changed my life, I really mean it. Vicky is so remarkable in the way she works as she isn’t just a dog trainer, she teaches people to train their dogs, she sets foundations, boundaries and creates a calmer state of mind with your dog.
My Belgian Shepherd x is dog reactive and Vicky has taught me how to introduce a calm state of mind with Zhivah and has also taught me how to show Zhivah what I want and give her very clear instructions. Vicky is worth her weight in gold, she really is, she has changed my relationship with my dog for the better and I’m so lucky I’ve found such a reliable trainer.
Thank you Vicky

Chelseigh & Zhivah

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and Bear. You’re amazing. Bear is my 6th GSD and I’ve never had one with anxiety like what he has. He is extremely reactive. I felt overwhelmed with how to help him. I met Vicky and after 10 minutes she understood Bear and his needs and was able to explain it to me. We completed the reactivity course and it is a must for anyone struggling with a reactive dog. Now I’m looking forward to many years of stress free adventures with Bear. Can’t thank you enough.

Jayne and Bear.

Our Ruby had started to be come reactive towards other dogs and I was recommended to bring her here.

I took Ruby to a 1 - 1 session with Vicky yesterday. I got given so much information and advice that was easy to understand and to put into practice.

I saw a difference in Ruby after just one session and will keep doing what I’ve been shown

I would highly recommend Azura canine


If you are looking for a trainer to support with reactivity of any sort, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Vicky. I had been looking for someone with well balanced dogs who my spaniel could work around in a controlled way to help his frustration based reactivity (dogs). After struggling to find someone local to me I came across Vickys reactivity course and it sounded perfect. The course has actually surpassed all my expectations. Vicky explains everything clearly and provides you with the tools needed to help your dog and is on hand to offer advice and support outside the sessions. There's no short term fix for reactivity and we have a lot of work ahead to be neutral with both people and dogs, however as a result of Vickys guidance and the course I am much more confident in approaching situations and a more resilient owner. Thank you Vicky.

Claire & Merlin

Vicky has helped me so much with Silas. After being with another trainer and not learning anything about my engagement with him I was struggling and felt hopeless. As soon as Vicky saw us she knew straight away what the problem was. And showed me how to resolve it. Silas had a few issues that I needed guidance with, so we signed up to the ultimate reactivity course and I can not recommend it enough.
My dog that would whine and scream around other dogs and I started avoiding situations. Going on the course gave me loads of confidence to take him everywhere with me and confront all my fears of what I thought could happen. Vicky Is a fantastic trainer.and is always there if I have any problems.
Her own dogs are highly trained and are a credit to her.

Sam & Silas

Just like to say a massive THANK YOU to Vicky!! I've owned all shapes and sizes of dog throughout my life but a reactive dog is something different all together!! I was at a loss, I'd tried everything, nothing worked. Within a few weeks I'd got a lovely dog that was a pleasure and easy to deal with. Don't suffer, put the time & investment in and enjoy your dog.

Helen & Stella

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